NASCAR, Keselowski on late-race decision: ‘They made the right call’

Close to the finish of Sunday’s Sustenance City 500 at Bristol Engine Speedway, some late-race perplexity inside the No. 2 Group Penske camp on the last restart request brought about NASCAR dark hailing a steamed Brad Keselowski, who went to the NASCAR hauler after the race for a talk.

Keselowski set amid one of the last alerts and upon exit was in front of vehicles on track that had not hollowed. NASCAR endeavoured to address the restart request through correspondence with spotter Coleman Pressley by means of the race channel.

With Keselowski’s group disagreeing with the running request, NASCAR race control waved off one restart endeavor, at that point returned to green-banner conditions with Keselowski’s No. 2 Passage still outside the twofold document lineup. NASCAR authorities issued the group a go through punishment for “defying a NASCAR demand” on Lap 486; the group served the punishment four laps later.

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Keselowski was noticeably vexed on pit street after an eighteenth spot complete in which he drove 40 laps, yet after an exchange with NASCAR authorities he comprehended where the misunderstanding occurred and said NASCAR “made the correct call.”

NASCAR Senior Vice President of Competition Scott Miller joined SiriusXM NASCAR Radio on Monday morning for a weekly call and further clarified the confusion.

“The thing is, it’s really actually pretty simple,” Miller said. “We were trying to get him in the right spot in the lineup and we were communicating with his spotter via the race channel, which is their responsibility to listen to per the rule book and numerous times we told him the 6 car (of Ryan Newman) belonged in front of him, give him space to get in there and he didn’t. As we talked to Brad after the race, there was a breakdown in communication on their side because he never really received that communication from his spotter.

“That’s where the problems started and obviously, unfortunately, it didn’t end the way Brad wanted it to end. But it’s their responsibility to monitor what we’re saying and what we’re trying to get things to do, and it didn’t appear that happened as it should have.

“We expected Brad to be there when we got (back to the NASCAR hauler) and he certainly was.”

The Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series next heads to Richmond Raceway, where the two-time 2019 winner has seven straight finishes inside the top 11.

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